Label: Coco Machete Release date: Out now! Website: Fuckkk Offf Myspace The original track is a beast. Featuring a vocal motif spoken in true heavy house fashion in a slightly robotic voice, intoning ‘Love me, hate me, kiss me, kill me’, the track wriggles into that brain-niche reserved for simple, tribal head nodding and foot tapping. The generic, three-note melodic progression is buoyed by a trance revisit along the sequence, and the recurring vocals get cut up until the beat once again taps into your subconscious. There’s not much to recommend in the way of remixes on this release unfortunately. Off the three remixes on offer, none of them strive hard enough to differentiate themselves. Instead the main form of engagement becomes choosing which version is the best and discarding the rest. It’s almost certainly the Polyphonic remix, adding a much greater melange of sounds in order to shore up the beat and accentuate those drops, ample as they can indeed be. It messes with the rhythm more and, as the best remixes have a habit of doing, ends up with a superior version to the original. The full album is due out on the 1st August, and from what i’ve heard in the way of previews, including this full track, it should be a German techno stormer. Download this single by all means, but don’t expect to get more for your money than the choice between very similar versions of the same (albeit good) song. Rating: 5/10