Even the most devoted fan of Funeral For A Friend would probably have to concede that, going back to 2007's Tales Don't Tell Themselves, their releases have been met with a lukewarm reception at best. This is only noteworthy because everything that they released prior to that record put them in the position of being one of Britain's best and most exciting post-hardcore bands. So with new bassist Richard Boucher and the promise of a record that leans more toward their early material, it would be fair to say there is great deal of interest in Welcome Home Armageddon.

It's good news if you are one of the many FFAF fans that have been perplexed by their recent output and have been longing for them to go back to their roots, this record, as promised, certainly does recall their earlier sound. It is powerful, raw and energetic and best of all, gone are the stadium rock choruses, replaced instead by a familiar gut wrenching growl.

A definite highlight is 'Front Row Seats To The End Of The World' which recalls the days when urgency was something that came all too naturally to these guys. Matt Davies and drummer Ryan Richards take turns at screaming duties and the result is really very satisfying.

'Owls (Are Watching)' is riff-heavy and fast paced while 'Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don't'is the closest they come to full on metal here. But it's not all chunky riffs and screaming, 'Old Hymns' sounds like Fall Out Boy with a decent bass player and 'Medicated' is dangerously close to being a ballad of sorts and gives the record a much needed change of pace.

It isn't all good news however. As good as this record is, and it is, there is nothing on here that will grab you by the bollocks quite as hard and convincingly as 'Juneau', or 'Roses For The Dead' did all those years ago.

So why they do not quite reach the heady heights that they once did, it is definitely a step in the right direction and something of a return to form for FAFF.