Diversity isn't a quality often attributed to Funkystepz releases. They're more known for exploiting typical London, funky sounds and 4x4 drum patterns; and, most importantly, doing it well. The Royal Rumble EP, however, seems to have something a little extra. It is still undoubtedly a trademark, bassline, dancefloor release; but in areas the production does seem to surpass orthodox templates, with an impressive subtlety. What is more, without a vocalist on the release, there is an added necessity for each track to offer something different. There has to be a notable, and in-depth, progression throughout the EP to replace the obvious appeal of lyrics. And there is.

'Class A' and 'Warrior' are the best examples of the aforementioned delicacy. With simple-but-effective structure and pleasantly soft percussion, they both tend towards a sound more often associated with house music than funky. 'Jigga' offers something else, it works around a melody made of infectious, high-pitched synth shrieks; a sound totally at home within funky tracks. Listen to Ill Blu's forthcoming Hyperdub release Clapper, it's catchy for exactly the same reason. Finally, the title track 'Royal Rumble'; this must be the most opinion-dividing of the four. Jam-packed with futuristic staccato sounds, it could equally be praised for its complexity, or labelled overkill. Either way, it offers another dimension to an already exciting EP.

I think it is fair to say Roska still sets the benchmark in UK funky, but with this latest release, this London trio are certainly making a strong case for themselves. Lending itself to the record bags of funky, house and garage DJs alike; Funkystepz are responsible for four true party starters.