Release Date: 16/03/09 Label: 4AD Link: Spread the word, Future of the Left are back. Well they’ll probably spread the word emphatically for you, but still; Gather round, wipe the saliva from around your dribbling chops and pay attention. Their first new material released since 2007’s critical smash Curses, The Hope that House Built comes from their impending but as of yet unnamed album. A slightly unusual choice of single designed to attract attention possibly, subtlety different from most work they have created to date yet characteristically assertive. Displaying a slower pace, a constant metronomic guitar crunch is matched with repetitive lyrics, leading to a very Anthemic quality. It’s the kind of track that will lead you marching around the house bellowing out the lyrics until you’re a sweaty mess, looking for followers to join you. Or could imagine bellowing the lyrics with hundreds of others at one of their riotous shows until you’re a sweaty mess, with added ‘Beer Hair’; a medical condition only picked up at gigs. “Come join, come join, our hopeless cause” Falco forcefully rams down our throat throughout. B-side I Have Four Names utilises keyboards as akin to Manchasm, Falco even providing melodic ‘Oooooohs’, but rocking in a very Mclusky style also. “Everyone else is a lightweight, tied to a moment in time” a lyrical highlight.

Currently previewing new material at SXSW, Future of the Left will be touring in May, with the album following very shortly after. Yes, May is going to be very important for the world, the point increased after listening here. THTHB is perhaps a tad too long, but still enormously menacing, dark and fun. As an Internet geek would say, FOTL FTW.

Rating: 8/10