As part of HMV's 'The Next Big Thing', Transgressive Records took over The Borderline on Saturday evening bringing their artists: Marques Toliver, Dry the River and Gaggle with them as well as DJS.

First on was solo artist, Marques Toliver, brandishing with him just a violin and an auto-harp. From the moment that he took to the stage, the audience were fascinated by him. And then he opened his mouth and the entire room was stunned into shock by the sheer power and quality of his voice. I certainly was completely and utterly blown away by it; I can't even remember the last time that I heard such a potent and beautiful voice. His performance was graceful, charming and just pretty much incredible; I look forward to seeing him again soon as his voice is something I definitely need to hear again.

Next up were hearty, London indie boys- Dry the River. And oh my, do these boys play like they mean it. Their set was an array of crescendos, diminuendos, earnest lyrics, violins, intricate guitar playing and beard banter. I guess they could be compared to: Bright Eyes, Maps & Atlases and Local Natives but they definitely stand out from other bands in a way I can't quite place my finger on. Maybe it's because all of these bands are American and they are English, we don't have many bands like this in England and so I find them very refreshing. This band is definitely one to keep an eye on.

And finally, it was time for Gaggle. The 15 piece women's choir walked onto the stage wearing tribal themed costumes and vivid make-up in true Gaggle style. Deborah Coughlin was running around the front of the stage manically, doing her choral director duties. There was: foot stopping, hysterical, interweaving vocals and faux aggressive banter. I was also stood next some incredibly excited fans that were singing along to every single lyric, although I find it slightly irritating, it was quite nice to see some Gaggle super fans in the audience. Their set was everything that I'd expected- diverse, entertaining and colourful. Whatever the future of Gaggle is, I'm sure it's going to be good; who knows what they'll do next.