What better way to kick away the blues of Valentine's Day than with a band known firstly for their homoerotic obsession with Johnny Depp, and foremost for their tender, heart warming lyrics such as "cumpassion: it's just my passion all over your face".

This is the second full length release from Gay For Johnny Depp, and if you thought they may have mellowed or matured with age, then you could not be more wrong. They are here to serenade you once more with sexually aggressive pun-based song titles that rival those of The Locust and vomit in the face of political correctness (see: 'She Has the Hottest Limp').

For those who have not yet been acquainted with Gay For Johnny Depp, the standard description would be: The Blood Brothers meets The Locust meets an oversexed George Michael on crack, partying in some underground club in the meat packing district. Spazzcore, hardcore, queercore; label this band what you like. They have, and never will be considered "easy listening", but if your cup of tea is made with sweat, sex, and sadomasochism, then you will find the perfect blend in What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You.

Gay For Johnny Depp have managed, throughout their releases to date, to provide diversity without compromising their unwaveringly fierce sound. Marty Leopard's rattling vocals snake their way from a pre-coital groan, to a mid-coital falsetto, and a hefty amount of guttural screaming. Tracks like 'Pink Flag' and 'No, I'm Married To Jesus, Now Keep Your Fucking Hands Off Him' have a whirlwind energy that is almost difficult to keep up with, leaving you with a feeling of "I have no idea what just happened, but it was fantastic." There is a stronger element of post-hardcore punk on this album compared to previous releases, but having said that, What Doesn't Kill You... has taken pretty much every aspect of Gay For Johnny Depp and pushed it to extremes. For that, we can partly thank the influence of Alex Newport, who mixed the album along with past releases by Pissed Jeans and The Melvins.

Unlike the relentless hurricane of brilliantly crafted noise that is 'The Politics Of Cruelty', What Doesn't Kill You... actually provides a mid-album respite. 'We Are The World? Burn It Down!' is about as close as Gay For Johnny Depp can get to a slower paced track, a lumbering drum beat accompanied by fitful bursts of guitar and Marty droning the title on repeat. This is followed by 'Rod Don't Surf', an instrumental track with a distorted news reporter-style voice talking through the mix. This voice is sampled occasionally throughout the album, giving it an anarchic air similar to 'United Nations' Self Titled LP.

To put the icing on the already very camp cake, the album concludes with party anthem 2k11, a Gay For Johnny Depp take on Quiet Riot's 'Come On Feel The Noise', rebranded 'Cum On Feel The Boize', perhaps for the romantic occasion. It pushes the tongue so far into the cheek that it crosses the line from being ironically good, to genuinely enjoyable. What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You is a Valentine's Day Massacre of everything standing in the way of expression, however crude the form; smashing all kinds of social and musical boundaries with an unhinged, naked aggression. Gay For Johnny Depp take you out to dinner, spit on your food, call you a wanker, and then violate you in innumerable ways, and you will call them back, repeatedly.