Label: Wax On Records Ltd. Website: This is just what I needed after a tiring few days at work. I started listening on my way home whilst doing a bit of shopping and found myself tapping my toes in the grocery aisle. I can definitely see why George Evelyn decided to do a Nightmares on Wax remix. The original tune is a laid back slice of delicate funk with a swinging guitar part wending its way leisurely through the beats and a soulful vocal line with some uplifting lyrics about personal strength and relaxation. Easy listening maybe but it’s got an infectious hook about it. The Nightmares on Wax remix takes the bare bones and adds a healthy dollop of extra grimy beats and choppy judderation to the vocals. I really like it with a bit of extra oomph, I almost started punching the air…but then thought better of it. The Deadbeats remix also adds extra beats but for me it doesn’t deviate enough from the formula of the other two. I’d like to have seen something a little different and perhaps a bit more experimental, gabbacore anyone? Well all in all a nice little release and I think you should know from this if you’re gonna like it or not. Rating: 7/10