Released: 09/03/09 Website: In our second effort to give more rounded reviews on new/upcoming artists we decided to throw away the traditional one person review system and go with a two person review system instead. It's simple really, myself (Lewis) and Oliver sat down, we listened to the single and had a conversation about it. Here's what went down! Lewis: Right Oliver. We have here a band named General Fiasco and a their track named Something Sometime. What are you thoughts about this track? Oliver: Well. Pretty safe kind of paint by numbers indy-rock style music really. Lewis: I personally enjoyed the Irish twist concerning the singers’ accent. Oliver: Yeah. I think that is quite cool. I think, though, it is probably the only thing I can appreciate out of the whole song. Lewis: Everything else is just a little. Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say mundane, but it has all been done before. They have done it well mind. Oliver: Yeah. It is very formulaic. You only really need to listen to the first minute of the song. Lewis: And you have all the lyrics and all the twists and turns Oliver: Hhah yeah. It’s got a beginning, middle and an end all in the first minute, so really it is an average song. If you heard it on the radio you wouldn’t instantly want to turn it off, but you probably might fall asleep at the wheel. Lewis: Hahah that’s actually quite a bad comment to make! Oliver: Haha, ok, you wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel but you would have to pull over to the side of the road to get your twenty minutes nap. That might be the best way to approach it. Lewis: Hhahah yeah, ok. I will accept that. Oliver: So what did you think of it Lewis? Lewis: You know what. I don’t think I can add more or take anything away from what you have just said Oliver. You know what though, I liked it. The Irish twist to me sounded different to what has been before. They sound a little like a substandard Snow Patrol, even through General Fiasco are from Ireland, but it seems to have that Snow Patrol feel about it. Oliver: Hmmm I don’t know about that. I’m not accepting that. Hahaha Lewis: Go and listen to Snow Patrol Oliver: Uhh, I’ll pass on that but... Lewis: Hahahha. Do you not like snow patrol Oliver? Oliver: Just... Busy… HAHAHA Oliver: But yeah, if your next question was ‘what would be my rating’ I would probably say five, five and a half? Lewis: I would go with five Oliver: Okay. Five. Because it is still half a point more than the last song we reviewed from them last year. Lewis: So they are going up Oliver: Yeah, they are going up. Give them four or five years. Lewis: Definitely. They need to find their own sound, find their own vision. And I think that they can do it because their music is good music. Okay it has been done before but they’re a tight band, they have a good singer, so I think if they can find their direction they will be on their way. Oliver: Yeah, they need to push it that extra mile, I guess, because it is just a bit forgettable at the moment, well, not forgettable but… Lewis: No, I will go with forgettable Oliver: Okay Lewis: I’ve forgotten what it sounds like already so I’m just kind of talking rubbish right now, so… Hahaah Lewis: Nah! It was okay. They have got quite a good fan base and it seems that they have a lot of gigs coming up so we will see how it goes with them. Oliver: Yeah. Okay. Cool Lewis: It will be an interesting one for the future, maybe. Just on the premise of seeing how they do, not necessarily that they are going to be great. Oliver: Yeah, see if they take a risk or not. I think it is easy for them to stay comfortable at the level they are at now. They have got a healthy fan base and it just doesn’t seem that there is any element of risk there. They have supported quite a few bigger bands but I think it is just a case of, unless they change something a little bit to make it a little more unique, they are just going to stay at that level. They will always be touring because they are probably quite a hard working band but I am not sure that is enough. Lewis: Certainly not to get to a stage where you can truly further your musical career in a considerable way. Oliver: If they had been around four or five years ago they might have stood a chance but I don’t think this genre of music is selling well enough now for them to get a firm hold within the music industry. Rating: 5/10