Label: Fatcat Records Release date: 14/09/09 Website: Buy: Amazon Think CSS minus a lot of members and a synth keyboard. Think Hawaii with jangly guitars. Think innocent, colourful tropical noise and bouncy female vocals. Get Back Guinozzi!'s double A-side is an explosion of lo-fi smiles. The laid-back, almost Tropicalia-influenced beats and guitar parts are just made to soundtrack drinking mocktails in brightly coloured deck chairs on beaches. The rather simple lyrics could be singalong (if political correctness didn't put you off copying a lilting foreign accent) and the enjoyable little solos and sound effects could incite much foot-tapping glee, especially in the crowd of the Underage Festival. It's unusual, I'll give it that. However, even in two tracks, there are flaws, which could develop into annoying niggles after several listens, and ruin a whole album. Firstly, the vocals are bordering on irritating, sometimes a little squeaky and sharp. Secondly, the two tracks merge into one another, and that could be disastrous across a whole album of songs. Thirdly, the novelty wears off after a (short) while, meaning you'd probably love these songs for a few days, and then never listen to them again. Rating: 6/10