Label: Hit Club Records Release date: 01/11/10 Link: Myspace Get People are Dom, Caspar and Martin, a London based trio. Having already forged a career as prolific remixers, including the pedigree of bands such as the Mystery Jets, they now seem to be attempting, for all intents and purposes, to bring 80’s tropical dance pop to the generation of 2010 with their double A-side release 'Careless/Odyssey'. ‘Careless’ starts off sounding very much like Foals latest release - jittery math-rock, but with a sense of rhythm. However, as the track goes on and the different samples and harmonies overlap and intertwine with each other it begins to dawn on you that this is very clever piece of musical craftsmanship. At first it seems like a shameless 80’s rip off but the more you listen along it begins to become impossible not to find yourself subconsciously (at the very least) tapping along, sometimes in very awkward social situations (for example, the number 8 bus from Bethnal Green Road to Liverpool Street). ‘Odyssey’ is a slower, funkier, slightly different kettle of fish. This sounds like something straight off a cruise ship - synths and keyboards accompanied by xylophones to create a more chilled out vibe that causes you to find yourself picturing lying on idyllic beaches somewhere in the Caribbean. Get People have a fantastic sense of 80’s style to them – perhaps the biggest compliment that can be paid is that my flatmate, after originally labelling the band ‘shit’, was discovered two days later dancing away and asking if they were playing in London any time soon (answer yes, four dates in November). That’s the thing about 'Careless/Odyssey' – it’s nothing earth-shattering, but it is brilliantly fun. Photobucket