At first I was sceptical; why wouldn't I be? A band that you attach to your wrist is supposed to change the way you live and more importantly improve your physical fitness. How can it do that? It's just an elaborate step-o-meter with some tight branding and a convex curve. People called me names like 'Fatty Wristband Hugger' and 'Moob Tuber' (due to the tube like nature of the wristband. My friends are not creative) when they saw it attached to me; an obvious distain filled their eyes as they sunk another pint in the pub. I've spent all my life concerned by what others think of me - so why not, for once, care about myself? To put it mildly as well, I'm not really the lightest stone in the rockery of life. This is a good angle.

Why highlight this in an introduction to a review? Is it all necessary to put my personal life under a magnifying glass? Well yes it is, as the majority of people who are dissatisfied with their lives take the authority and advice of those around them - stopping progress with the changes they so desperately need. The fallacy of lying to oneself about the effect a 'triple decker burger with cheese' will have on your body is put to bed by cutting edge statistics, insights and a fantastic motivational guide. I'm stating it now; UP24 is a life changer.

Setting up for the first time

Jawbone UP24 Review App

UP makes it easy to set up. If it wasn't, then just like using the Kinect for fitness, you will get fed up quickly and hastily put the wristband in the drawer next to the Nike Fuel band. The UP24 has one central button that is positioned neatly on one end of the band as to not disrupt the aesthetic flow of the band. This one central button does everything from connecting to your Jawbone mobile app to switching between nighttime and daytime tracking, so it's best that it has been put out of the way instead of potentially causing the device to change modes or if it's leant on for too long, resetting the device. Once paired with your phone, a process that takes around 5 minutes, you are ready to start tracking. Pop your weight, height and age into the app and within a day, the UP24 will be highlighting which parts of your daily routine you need to focus on changing.

What sets the UP24 apart from other bands that are currently on the market is the fact that the wireless synching works brilliantly. Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy radio, the UP24 will sync with your phone as and when you open the app. The Bluetooth might be low energy but constantly having Bluetooth switched on may cause your phone to run down quite quickly. The band itself took a hit as well due to the constant need to have the connection turned on, but it's not really too detrimental as it's pretty simple to charge; plug it into the handy USB adaptor and let it charge during a more sedate time of the day. On the plus side, if you are rather forgetful when it comes to charging, then the UP24 will remind you will subtle buzzes and less so subtle push notifications to your phone.

The App

When doing any sort of exercise, you need motivation. Sometimes your personal motivation may drop, which will lead to days where you just can't find that extra ounce of energy, or Just Eat days (no definition necessary). UP24 comes paired with an iOS app that works as your secondary motivation, setting you goals and alerting you to potential pitfalls that you can dodge.

Crisp, bright and fast, the Jawbone Up24 app brings you health insights, tracks your progress and it does so much more. It makes you realise how you are using - and at times abusing - your body through the carefully designed insights system.

Jawbone UP24 Review Insights

An insight, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is 'the act or outcome of grasping the inward or hidden nature of things or of perceiving in an intuitive manner' - this is exactly why the system messages are called insights as this is proper Ronseal. To start with, '_Insights_' give you general advice on how to live your life. Eat your greens, exercise every day, all that standard Oprah Winfrey shit. However, after you have used the UP for a few weeks, it learns how you live your life and how you are trying to live your life. It attacks the hidden nature of how you sleep ,eat, exercise and suggests certain changes specific to you on how you could become 1) happier 2) faster 3) more energetic. How could you not want that in your life?

Up24 allows direct integration into your favourite services

In this App age, everything has to connect with everything; rumour has it you can even wirelessly feed your cat, so it's no surprise that UP allows a number of integrations into its service. All the basics are there with Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal allowing direct integrations and handshakes between services. Enter your food intake into MyFitnessPal and it syncs across whilst UP sends your step calories loss across to MyFitnessPal. It's the perfect marriage and one that will bring about a visualisation that shows the disaster zone a night out with pizza can cause.

UP 24 is the futuristic Tinkerbell of body health that Personal Trainers and Nutritionists have been scared of for a while.

Is it worth the money?

Money doesn't grow on trees yet (sadly), so the price of the UP24 is a consideration. Amazon have it listed for £104.99 with the other sellers fluctuating between the £115 to £140 mark. So, there's the price range set out but what really needs to be considered is you.

  • - Are you willing to be truthful to this technology in what you eat?
  • - Will you be affected by warnings stating that you are reducing your potential age?
  • - Do you really actually care?

If all of this is yes, then throw caution to the wind and buy one. It will get you out of that exercise rut and within 4 weeks, you will find yourself a more confident and energetic individual.

There are other fitness wristbands out on the market; The Fitbit is currently the main competitor, which we will be reviewing shortly but after my experience with the UP24, it has to be something special to better it.


The UP24 is a great product and will continue to get better the more it is used. It's like a new puppy. When you buy it, the puppy is finding out what it can about you, a bit of R&R but eventually, when that puppy is comfortable around you, a true and pure connection will be made. The UP24 will surprise you both with how well you are doing and how last nights lack of sleep really affected your 'game' today. The art of visualising your body.