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At one thousand feet Lycabettus reaches into the Athenian sky and stands poised over the ancient metropolis of Athens.

Embodying the sound of the city below in her new EP Force is DJ, Producer and Sound Designer Eleni Adamopoulou, aka Giganta, a former Red Bull Music Academy participant and member of Athens' 20-strong Rotation DJ Collective, who throw parties in the capital year round.

The five track EP has been described as a representative of Eleni's fight against the negativity and violence that has enveloped the city since 2008 - catalysed by the shooting of 15-year-old student Alexandros Grigoropoulos and subsequently the Greek recession.

Opener 'Can't Stop Playing' is built on a hard trance-like drum beat that thankfully doesn't get consumed by crap million-miles an hour pop-synths but rolls merrily along with a mellow piano loop and a mashed-serene vocal that makes you feel like you're watching the sun disappear behind Lycabettus as you sip on a few beers in the heart of an Athens summer.

In her own words Giganta explains the principle behind the name for the EP, "Force causes a change, either concerning movement, direction or geometrical construction. It is the power that starts something. Music is the force that creates hopes and dreams." And that emotional investment in her music can certainly be felt with the title track 'Force', with its eerie, haunted house synth line creating a real feeling of uneasiness - perhaps Eleni's musical interpretation of the negative and uncertain experiences Athens and its people have faced over recent years. 'This Goes On' on the other hand is an optimistic composition of intergalactic proportions - sounding like a Gustav Holst planetary symphony on LSD.

There is a common thread woven through the five songs in that they feature manipulated vocal cut-ups that sit over uniformed synth lines, tribal drum patterns and interspersed with interstellar electronica - there are certainly some similarities to be made with Floridian producer XXYYXX and perhaps a collaboration could see Giganta's ideas developed further.