Artist: Girls Release: Album Out: 28th September On: Matador Records Buy: Rough Trade Website: When Motley Crue penned their hair-metal classic 'Girls! Girls! Girls!' it was clear that they were onto something... and it would seem that it wasn't just an anthemic soundtrack for their own excesses nor even bragging about their multiple infidelities. No, it would seem that they were singing about the forthcoming release of San Francisco outfit Girls' debut album, imaginatively titled... 'Album'.... Do you like your Beach Boys-esque Californian pop? Do you like a bit of lo-fi production on your records? Do you like it all cranked up to 11? Of course you do! What is not to like about that? In which case you really need to be checking out Girls. As fantastically sexist as that sounds I'm not suggesting you take to the bushes and perv away on your female friends and colleagues... No, i'm suggesting that you instead go pick up a copy of this record instead. From the off you are hit with summery goodness in the form of recent single 'Lust For Life' it was a co-winner of recent Single of The Week for a reason! Catchy? Check! Awesome Video? Check! Potential soundtrack to the summer? Check! From there the album continues at an equally high standard with 'Laura' and recent single 'Hellhole Ratrace' other standout tracks. Check out the video for 'Hellhole Ratrace' here: and the video for 'Lust For Life' here: Now you have listened to this you're falling for Girls right? So be quick and get your hands on a copy of this record and go tell your friends. How big are this band going to be? Well, search Google for 'Girls' and you get 497,000,000 hits... they are the number one listing... you do the maths... Rating: 8/10 Track to Download: 'Lust For Life' Pigeonhole with: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beach Boys, Thrills, Twitter Review: Like your Beach Boys-esque Californian pop? Like lo-fi production on your records? Like it all cranked up to 11? You'll like Girls.