Label: Cass/Flick Link: Girls Names Myspace Link: Heavy Hawaii Myspace Surf’s up! Belfast trio Girls Names and San Diego's Heavy Hawaii join the latest wave of C-60 and sixties girl group doo-wop nostalgia with a split EP on Cass/Flick. Sounding like it was recorded on an 8 track deep in the Pacific, Heavy Hawaii similar to their west coast neighbour Ariel Pink exude a haunting fragility on the verge of self destruction on side one. ‘Teen Angel’s’ crackled harmonies are like Elliot Smith singing along to the Beach Boys; the muffled keys and the slightly off drum beats all conspire to create an creepily unhinged atmosphere. ‘Suicide Summer’ continues in the same thread, but instead introduces a dreamy edge with crooned “oh baby blue” before breaking off into a tangent reminiscent of ‘Metronomy’s Pip Paine’. You have to wonder if, when they get introduced to a recording studio, that all their lo-fi magic will dissipate in a sheen of fine polish or if, like the Flaming Lips their songmanship will shine through. Girls Names take up side two adding meat to the emaciated bones of Heavy Hawaii with a more fleshed out sound. ‘When You Cry’ lives up the band’s heroes Orange Juice as it wraps you up in warm fuzzy scales and plenty of wah-wah. Holding nothing in common with its’ Smith’s namesake, ‘Michael It Was Really Nothing’ showcases an unseen side to the band. Stripped of vocals, unlike the band’s past tracks it has a luxuriously rich soundscape as the chords, coated in chorus, build and build towards a finale bristling with a similar tension to the Horrors’ ‘A Sea Within A Sea’. Girls Names are a much needed retort to the increasingly west coast dominated scene. Photobucket