Venue: Koko Support Bands: Lindstrøm, Desire, Mike Simonetti Date: 11/06/09 I can picture Mike Simonetti and Johnny Jewel sat at a polished wooden table smoking cigars, as two proper pimps of the world electronic-disco music, doing castings to pick up the super hot vocalist for their hypothetical forthcoming project. In 2007 there was Glass Candy to infest our iPods and our brains with their infectious beats and hypnotic vocals, then Chromatics came and now it’s the turn of Desire. Pretty the same concept (the songs have all got that Italians Do It Better imprinting) but the outfit is kind of different here: a girl that can actually play other than sing, synth at least, (inevitable) Johnny J at guitars and keyboards and a drummer. Now, I must say that I arrived at a surprisingly half empty Koko at the end of their set so I can’t really say much about their performance. What I can say about Glasscandy show is that it was simply mesmerizing, with the beautiful dances and distorted vocals from Ida No and genial beats by Johnny Jewel. When Stars & Houses kicks off, the crowd goes instantly mad. Still it takes me a while to get into the new versions of Beatific and Candy Castle, that at some points sounds kind of Beyonce on a space trip to Discoland (R’n’B meets disco?). A bit of disappointment for not playing 'Rolling Down The Hills'and some confusion when singing some unknown (by me, at least) B-sides included in the latest recordings 'Deep Gems', collection of singles, B-sides and rarities by the duo from Portland. Still, the notes of Miss Broadway dissipate any doubts and I finally recognize the band I saw last year at Cargo for the first time. And from the way they jump and dance, everyone seems to agree with me that these guys are quite something. There are some complains about the sound system – that is not exceptional - but overall the show is as hot as hell. To be honest, I must say I preferred last years show – maybe more spontaneous and involving? - but maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just because I was more excited back then, or simply because I’m a hopeless romantic and for me the first time is always the first time. Anyway, as they say, “Something old (songs), something new (versions), something borrowed (well, I guess the amps and sound system belong to Koko, so technically, that’s borrowed, isn’t it?) and something blue (Ida No‘s leggings)” – that’s the secret for a fortunate wedding, right? And Glasscandy have all the numbers to make it a really long-life disco-love story. Notes to myself: do lots of bikhram yoga and become as fit and fluid as Ida No. And shag Johnny Jewel someday (OMG, and with these stage names, how can you not fall in love with them??) MP3: Glass Candy - Computer Love