Label: ADA Global Release date: 19/10/09 Website: Feeling like a rebel without a cause? Here it is my friend, the cause! The new album by Gliss 'Devotion Implosion' is, straight out of the box, something your mother wouldn't like. And how cool is that? From the first three Phil Spectorish seconds of Morning Light, right through to the Flaming Lips-esque closing beats of Sister Sister, Devotion Implosion is a hybrid package of self-centred emo-rock and a dash of fuzz punk, mixed with a drizzle of something more primeordial... Early Slits maybe? Maybe. The audio package is brilliantly put together. Big - big! - guitar riffs, repeated refrains, heavily-beated bass and some very cute work from the rythym section. It all delivers a very special bundle of fun for your ears. The album was mixed together by Gareth Jones who effortlessly brings to this group of likeable musicians the techniques he's developed, through working with Depeche Mode, Liars, Wire and Nick Cave. The downside? Well yes, I'll concede that Devotion Implosion is a little light on lyrical (but not musical!) content, and the emo/bubble-gum/fuzz rock mix won't tick everyone's boxes but what do you want from your music - a treatise on Witgenstein's definition of logical positivism, or a good-time musical experience? The blends are very cool. Lighter, more upbeat tracks, such as Morning Light and 29 Acts Of Love (great title!) are nicely contrasted with slower, deeper works. But the third track 'Sleep' lets the side down; it's just five minutes ten seconds of not going anywhere special with any kind of a purpose. The next work though, 'Beauty' is, well, a beauty! Devotion Implosion is an artistic collection of nine tracks of musical fun and one 'could do better' of an effort. If you've got The Smiths, My Chemical Romance, Flaming Lips and, yes, even the Killers in your collection, you could do worse than add Devotion Implosion by Gliss to your Amazon Wishlist for Christmas. Who knows, your mother might even buy it for you. Rating: 8/10