Label: A&G Records Release Date: 15/03/10 Website: Myspace Gloria Cycles latest single ‘Religious’ is unashamed upbeat indie pop and what’s wrong with that. Including the Jack Penate-esque vocal stylings of Kenny McCracken – an imposing chap, with his waxed ginger moustache and waistcoat he looks like he’d be happier perched on top of a penny-farthing than holding an electric guitar. It’s a song about proving to a lover and perhaps yourself that you’re in love with them. Nothing unusual there. The feel-good raucous chorus states: “Do I need ya? Yes I need you here my love. I’ll try to never leave ya, never make you get up and run”. And it will be in your head for days. But there’s nothing wrong with this track, even if it is just a slightly new slant on a very well gone over theme. The Brighton-based band have managed to provide us with little piece of musical sunshine in ‘Religious’ during what must be the longest winter on record. Photobucket