Label: Southern Release date: 06/10/09 Website: Buy: Amazon This is an album full of short sweet folksy and bluesy tunes composed of delicate intricate melodies sympathetic to their accompanying vocals. On the whole it feels pared down and extremely tight but very welcoming, with lyrics about life that touch on love, breakups, hayfever, forest storms, bus journeys and weeds that grow through the cracks in the pavement. There is some splendidly virtuosic guitar playing, which doesn’t feel self-conscious but slips out easily within the songs. The pace is quite fast from the start with tunes driven on by brushed drums, upbeat strumming and a little harmonica here and there. By the time it gets to the final reel though it seems to have slowed down and the last two tracks are longer and more drawn out with more space for instrumental sections. Definitely a worthy successor to Karate’s jazzy greatness. Rating: 8/10