Godspeed You! Black Emperor took to the stage one by one, slowly replacing the low drone from the start of 'The Dead Flag Blues' played from a recording with an extended crescendo of improvised noise from their many effects pedals, all while the word 'hope' flickered on the projection screens that provided almost the only light on stage. It was amazing. They launched seemlessly from the noise into 'Storm', starting a long and flawless set accentuated by the projections, like the stills of a decaying and post-apocalyptic looking Coney Island during Sleep.

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III's recorded anti-government rant drew cheers from the Irish crowd, although it's probably going down well in most countries these days. They played for as much as two and a half hours, but even then, the crowd weren't going anywhere when they finished. This prompted what I'm pretty sure is the only genuinely unplanned encore I've ever seen, with a member trying to tell us that the band had already gone past the venue's curfew, then saying he would see what he could do, before they all came back and played all twenty minutes of 'Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls'. I'm sure the venue's managers weren't thrilled, but I was, and so was the rest of the audience.