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It's a warm summer night, the sun is setting and you can hear the sound of waves caressing the shore. The perfect soundtrack is playing in your head -- and it probably sounds a lot like Goldroom's latest EP It's Like You Never Went Away.

You feel drunk off of the sun after a long, carefree day with friends. Your eyes are tired from staring at that cute guy/girl in your crew all day, but you feel exhilarated. The tropical bongos and claps of dreamy 'California Rain (feat. Nikki Segal)' waft through your mind. The words "not alone when I'm alone with you" caress your thoughts and your mind starts to wander.

As night falls, someone suggests moving on to somewhere with a dance floor. You sneak a peek at your crush to see their reaction. Then you hear a thumping from a far-off speaker that starts to get louder and louder; the synths of 'Embrace (feat. George Maple).' "Been thinking about you every day," a female voice sings. You feel electrified -- the night is young.

Lights are flashing. There's lots of sweat, too much sweat. No one seems to care. 'Tradewinds (feat. Kayslee Collins)' builds over the soundsystem. The fast-paced, trance track guides a crowded floor of glowing bodies. The two of you are dancing, and you move closer.

It's that dark after-hour where it feels like time has stopped. You're walking along the beach with your [insert affectionate term here]. 'Fifteen (feat. Chela)' plays in your head and you feel like a teenager on prom night. The '80s synths create an air of nostalgia, but you're exactly where you want to be. The song ends as a sliver of light cuts across the horizon...

A car honks and suddenly you're inching along in rush-hour traffic. The music is over too soon.

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