Label: Eat Sleep Release Date: 30/03/2009 Link: Having gone steady and enjoyed much success and recognition since the 90s, Gomez show with every project of theirs that they're not going to disappear any time soon. From the beginning, Ian Ball's Soundgarden-like voice with a slightly mellow backing arrangement was like a softly-softly response to the angst of the American grunge bands. Rather than standing out with this potential niche though, it seemed from my perspective that they were being flung on a common ground with bands like Wilco. I don't know why, but I always see these bands as a generalisation.  I don't know if Gomez at any point abandoned the brit-rock take on grunge, but their new album, A New Tide, seems to continue their early albums' great likening to Pearl Jam's No Code. Whether or not this is a good thing, I find very hard to make my mind up on. Cons come first: Pearl Jam made No Code very late in their career, and as a band they sounded so refined since releasing the classic Ten. It was as though this album was charting their maturity, showing them shift from angry young men to contemplative grown up men. When hearing Gomez I can't help but feel that they're recreating what Pearl Jam  did and while I'm quite sure this has never been their intention, it tends to make the listening experience a lot less impressive. Pros on the other hand: I actually love No Code, and I think it does the album a great credit whenever I hear continuations of it in any musicians' work. Better still, A New Tide is not a complete clone and doesn't perceive Gomez as the ageing rockers that Pearl Jam were behaving as; there are tracks such as 'Mix', 'Airstream Driver' and 'Very Strange' that have catchy and fresh elements that have kept Gomez going for so long. They're not breaking out of their creative shells with this one, but they're not running out of steam either. This probably seems like a review of two albums rather than one, but it was necessary to explain the dilemmas and capabilities of A New Tide. Nevertheless, Gomez fans are most likely going to see nothing wrong with this album, in fact they're going to love it. 7/10