Whatever's On Your Mind sees Gomez growing up comfortably in their own skin. At times the quality may have drifted since 2002’s In Our Gun, but since their last album A New Tide, they seem to be back to where they started – making interesting guitar based music.

With the five piece spread out through three different cities in the UK and US the album was written online “up in the clouds”. So for example Ben Othewell would log on in LA to work on ideas laid down by Tom Grey in Sussex. The record was co-produced by Phantom Planet’s Sam Farrarin in Virginia. Other musicians on the record include Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun, Sleepy Jackson) and Stuart Bogie (TV on the Radio, Iron and Wine).

The lyrics on first track 'Options' talk about moving back in with the parents, giving up ambitions and going into business with “God awful people”. There’s some honky sax and it leads brilliantly into the second number. 'I Will Take You There', is where things begin though with a number of factors making it so: funky organ, a catchy refrain (“Can you pick me up, let me in, take me out”) and dream drum fills equal a culmination in all three vocalists having a good time with the listener.

The gravity of Ben Othewell’s voice comes in on the album title track; it’s a lovely wee ballad as he pleads “Please hold on to your heart of Gold.” Ben’s confidence as a new solo artist shines brightly here.

'I’m Just As Lost As You' sees Tom back on main vox. Picking up pace at the midway point of the record. 'The Place and The People' is a song over five minutes long about discovery. 'Our Goodbye' is the album’s climax and sums up Gomez to date. They are currently a pop band and comfortable with that. The electronics open up 'Song In My Heart'.

'X-Rays' brings the album to a close. “It’s time to find out what we really want...” is what Tom states, but it sounds like Gomez know what they’re about. The Merseyside Quintet still have the ability to churn out tracks like 'Bring It On', 'Get Myself Arrested' and 'Whippin Picadily'. They like to keep it simple though, and this adds freshness to their sound.

For fans who enjoyed Liquid Skin and that classic debut Bring It On, Whatever's On Your Mind is just the ticket.