“This is the weirdest gig I’ve ever played” proclaims Shem, guitarist of Good Weather Girl. I agree, this is one interesting night. I’m at Zenith Bar for for a Lesbian Themed Valentine’s night named Chicks Rock. On the bill are a mixed bag of girls with guitars and Jay Foremen, a musical comedian who sings songs about facebook/msn, those crappy calypso drinks from your childhood and Chavs on the moon. He was actually hilarious. Bill Bailey watch out… Good Weather Girl “Friend” @ The Good Ship The main act is Good Weather Girl. Shem and Dion are a brother and sister duo from London, which you can instantly fall in love with. They sing short and sweet twee pop songs joyful but with tad of hate I’m told. They are actually the son and daughter of punk rock icon Soo Catwoman, who encouraged them to express themselves musically from a young age. The on stage chemistry is rather infectious, they reel you in by means of Shem on acoustic guitar and the delicate voice of the beautiful Dion. The cute and vulnerable sounding, even slightly childlike voice of Dion warms the crowd as the sleet comes down in N1. These two are popular with the crowd tonight, especially when Dion decides to whip off the long overcoat to cheers from the men AND women! Watching these two perform made me want to call my sister and tell her she means a lot to me! It’s great to see a brother and sister that get on so handsomely and are doing what they love. They’re actually getting somewhere too with it too, plucked from myspace by a German label 'Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics', they were carted off to Deutschland to record their debut album. With a full band set up for the studio recordings, they'll certainly sound much bigger, but I’m sure they’ll still retain their twee, cute edge. Having already performed a number of gigs around London and also playing at Phonopop festival in Frankfurt to 1,000 people, I entreat and implore you to keep an eye on these kids!!! Lookout for the debut album when it arrives this year. Goodweather Girl play at 12 Bar, Denmark Street next Tuesday 17th February. Go check them out and say hi! by Mike Oldham http://www.last.fm/music/Good+weather+girl http://www.myspace.com/goodweathergirlmusic