When an EP has a title pretty much as long as the EP itself you'd expect there to be something pretty meaty in there. Whilst you'll find nothing particularly ground-breaking on Gorgeous Bully's latest offering Nobody Hates You As Much As You Hate Yourself, you will find something instantly likeable and fun.

Whilst it's a punchy, enjoyable little record on its surface, scratch a little deeper and you'll find that NHYAMAYHY has plenty to offer with every 2-3 minute track full of equal parts warmth and sorrow. Front man Tom Crang moved from his hometown of Cornwall to Manchester to form the band and Gorgeous Bully truly is the work of a boy from the seaside who moved to the city. That's no bad thing at all mind, for every sunny riff there is a gritty, grey reality check that it's grim up North but a lot more lively.

Not one song is shot through with more melancholy than the final track, 'Habit and Fear'. With a lovely stillness that is reminiscent of something Damon Albarn might knock out, with whiny vocals and lilting chords it's a pleasing closer and shows there's versatility and plenty of growing space.

On the flip side the single 'Couldn't Keep it to Myself' is hella fun despite being a bitter-sweet love song lyrically. Yeah it's kind of your standard jangly surf pop but it's done incredibly well with an awesome catch and a bit of angst to boot.

If we're giving points out on the basis of awesome packaging and artwork (which we are) Gorgeous Bully has to be up there. NHYAMAYHY is boxed in a pretty sweet hand stamped limited edition box with goodies inside like a bottle opener/ lighter hybrid and badges reflecting the DIY ethos of their chosen label - Art is Hard - to a tee.

NHYAMAYHY is sure to keep the Gorgeous Bully buzz going strong. With a moody, catchy garage sound and super sweet DIY ethos, it's a fine addition to a label that reflects their vibe and should hold up strong amongst their peers in Manchester's thriving music scene.