I'm itching to get their albums, but there aren't any...just yet. So here we go. She has yet to be signed, but after you listen to some of her songs, perhaps "Dearest Friend" or "Nylon", you know she's going to explode into the indie scene as did MGMT in the last year. Her influences range from El Perro Del Mar, Regina Skeptor, Bjork to the White Strips and you can tell that she's got the Other/Experimental/Death Metal/Thrash...slashes to infinity vibe goin on in her music. And indeed as a soloist, Lela plays along with the instrumentals and vocals herself, using vox, bass, a bit of prog drums, and even sometimes hitting "some even keys". My favourite piece among her collection of little songs is, "Don't Call me Stella". She makes your body invent moves you didn't know you had in you. I know that I was motivated to get off my ass and start dancing! ...she's got free downloads on her myspace!!!! check it out.

Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla the Girl! MySpace

WOW. Two artists in one shot. TAKE TWO is our Paris girl, ANIA Oh "Miss Monroe" is the shining star among her other songs, "Electroclash" and "Lock me Up". But she's definitely got that electro/club Paris pop sasssssss in her; which, she's just got that natural knack for since she's from the city of Le Paris Paris! Just think of Peaches, Eurythmics, KITSUNÉ, the Noisettes and you'll get the jist. http://www.myspace.com/aniaismissmonroe bisoux bisoux et bon soir!