Label: Transgressive Release date: 18/05/09 Website: Official Website Buy: Amazon For those Graham Coxon fans who aren't getting all excited about the Blur reunion, Graham's new album The Spinning Top came out on 11th May. Sorrow's Army is the opening single, an upbeat acoustic number complete with impressive guitar picking and catchy lyrics. It is deliciously lo-fi, like we've come to expect of Graham Coxon, with a repetitive but very well-played guitar part. The track takes off when the maracas and drum beat join, persistent, unyielding, begging you to tap your foot. The song very simple in structure, so the love I was struck with initially will probably fade after a few more listens. It's true that Graham's talent lies in music, while Damon Albarn was a more sensitive lyricist, but nevertheless, with solo material like this, it's debatable whether Graham Coxon needs Blur as much as they need him. Rating: 7.5/10