Following up their support slot for Bloctober, album of the year contenders Grammatics played to a small but extremely appreciative crowd in Portsmouth’s Drift In The City. Having also toured with the likes of Rolo Tomassi, Pulled Apart By Horses and played the likes of Reading Festival, the band have honed their sound to suit a variety of audiences and eclectic tastes. With frontman Owen Brinley looking dapper in a skinny-fit blue 70s-style jacket, Grammatics tore in to ‘D.I.L.E.M.M.A’ to set the tone for what was to be an all too short set. With their complex arrangements and the use of a cello in every song, the band even describe themselves as “complicated pop music”, and it is fair to say a pub is not really the right setting for this band. But they carried on regardless, with plenty of banter and interplay between Owen and bassist Rory O’Hara. And fantastically ludicrous rock star poses not in fitting with their supposedly serious demeanour and post-rock tendencies. Intelligent lyrics and dramatic pauses are used to great effect on the likes of newest single ‘Double Negative’, which contains the greatest shout of “Hey sugar!” ever committed to record. At times wildly melodramatic but always on the right side of pop genius, the music is both unashamedly intelligent yet accomplished and agreeably listenable. This is cellist Lindsay Wilson’s first tour with the band but already it feels like she’s been playing with them for years such is the band’s tightness as a live unit. Other highlights included their quietest song ‘Broken Wing”, which almost brought a tear to the eye, and the singalong for the should-have-been-massive single ‘Murderer’. As accomplished live as they are on record, the band deserves to be playing in far bigger venues to far more people. The new song aired also showed they are still bursting with fresh ideas. Defiant, honest and innovative - Grammatics truly are this year’s great undiscovered talent. What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!