Evi Vine and her band of men step up beneath the mirror ball of the luminaire, or rather sit down...they're all seated on some makeshift wooden chairs. This sets the scene for something beautiful, a theme which became evIdent throughout the night. I hadn't heard Evi's voice or music before, however she really drew me in at first breath. The ambient soundscapes created by 2 (at one point, 3 guitarists) and bass proved to be just the rich canvas needed for Vine's narrative on a number of sombre subjects, also backed by cello, Evi's song's bring to mind big open spaces, lost loves and memories. Gregor Samsa, take the stage. Currently on their European tour, This has been long awaited for me. Playing a selection of tracks from Rest, 55:12 and ep 27:36. Opening with  Ain Leuh, the two vocalists Champ Bennett and Nikki King sit in close proximity, facing eachother, intimate exchange of male & female vocals ensue. Long, luxurious, sprawling music compliments the fragile voiceemitted. Self proclaimed as "slow and sad. slow and happy. but never fast and anything. " This is a fair way to sum up GS, although an epic string laden build up during Even Numbers is anything but slow.  "I'm not gonna fake this, i'm on fire.. there's something missing, i'm not satisfied" First Mile, Last Mile is particularly stunning, shimmering with gorgeous strings from Mia, delicate guitar work and pretty piano which is finally engulfed by a wall of guitar noise, distortion & drone. It's hard to pick a highlight, this hour or so set has to be one of the best hours of live music i've witnessed. A personal favourite "Untitled 1" from Ep 27:36 proves to be the most uplifting thing i've heard anywhere for a long time.  An ideal tonic to the current climate, what credit crunch? Whatever you do, check out this band... recommended, YES for listeners of sigur rós, godspeed blah blah.. but practically anyone who wants to hear some sincerely emotional music which though sad, has it's soaring moments where it can make you feel truly blissed out and happy with the world. The appreciative audience all leave with a huge smile on their faces, I also leave with a tshirt, cd  & poster. Sold!