Label: Big Scary Monsters Release date: 17/05/10 Link: Myspace Generally speaking, Americans seem to do their Math Rock with a hell of a lot more balls than most British bands can seem to muster without delving in to hardcore territory. This Town Needs Guns may have their beautiful strings and horns, Tubelord may have their high-pitched screams and Foals may have grown those beards, but Grown Ups have come from a U.S. based scene that favours the ‘no bullshit’ approach, combining the mathy tapping and jangling fun of bands like Colour with the gruff fist-in-the-air pop punk sing-alongs of Latterman and endless others. Although if you play it side by side with TTNG’s ‘Animals’ it’s going to sound simplistic, More Songs (so called because their first EP was titled Songs) is much more fun and energetic and, thanks to Big Scary Monsters bringing them to our shores, may be exactly the shot in the arm UK Math Rock needs to stop it collapsing under the weight of its own time signatures. For those familiar with the band already, it’s understandable that you might feel a little disappointed by the album’s tracklist: all four of the songs from Songs are found on More Songs, which is nearly half of the album. Fortunately, the benefits of less DIY but better quality recordings mean that the new versions and the new songs pack a much larger punch right from the start. It’s all down to the overabundance of enthusiastic gang vocals and the punk rock bass, which may be what many UK math bands lack – it’s thick and heavy, rattling along and pummelling the ears, and means that the guitars, although impressive, never take too much control over a song. They are very much an equal element of the music, and not the driving force. This isn’t about showing off, this is about having an awesome time, something that the Grown Ups live show will testify to. Although there’s quite a lot of bands that sound like this if you know where to look, Grown Ups are well deserving of being one of the first to make it over to the UK. This is unpretentious math rock made by guys with the necessary skills, but not the necessary egos to get carried away, and instead just have some fun. Photobucket