On the second of March, Guillemots played a 'secret' show at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill; the location having been only announced less than 48 hours before. It was a very special night as the audience was a large group of dedicated fans who had been lucky enough to purchase tickets before they sold out.

The band started the show with an exclusive preview of their promo video for their song 'Walk the River', which is the title track of the new album. The band then took to the stage to an eruption of cheers.

Their set contained mainly songs from the forthcoming album which proved to be very promising. Stand out tracks were 'Dancing in the Devils Shoes', set closer 'Walk the River' and 'I don't feel amazing right now'. Alongside these new tracks they also managed to squeeze in 'Samba in the Snowy Rain' (even if it was an abridged version), 'Through the Windowpane', 'If the World Ends', 'Blue Would Still be Blue' (an acapella version, very similar to the live version that I witnessed at The Victoria Hall in Stoke in 2007) and of course the song which made them famous, 'Trains to Brazil'; all from their stunning 2006 debut, Through the Windowpane.

Their set demonstrated what brilliant musicians the entire band are, the power of Fyfe's stunning classically trained voice and how the band really do have a sense of humour as the night included Greig , the drummer, telling filthy jokes and Fyfe impersonating Michael Stipe.

All in all, Guillemots really pulled out all of the stops to make this an absolutely precious evening, even a surprise acoustic encore downstairs afterwards. It also cemented the idea into the brains of those present that the new album will be pretty fantastic.