Artist: Gus Garcia Release: Many Hiding Places Out: Now! Website: Myspace Buy: CD Baby Fancy swapping the sunny surroundings of Brazil for the mean streets of Mitcham? No? I couldn't quite figure out the logic either, but that's exactly what Gus Garcia has done and given that was pretty much the first thing I learned about him, I was a little dubious when first approaching his debut EP 'Many Hiding Places'. However as his list of influences reads well enough (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Radiohead and David Bowie) I thought that it was worth persevering with. On first play 'Many Hiding Places' is pretty sketchy in terms of its production. It's a little rough and ready, but there's the basis of something really quite good here. The first of three tracks on the EP 'Colleagues' is really quite catchy with a cracking singalong chorus and reminded me a little of Blur's 'Beetlebum'. Second track, 'Before the Winter' is a bit of a slower burner but eventually opens up to be catchy enough and Garcia's vocals have clear traces of Neil Young in there. To wrap things up the final track 'Menace' sees the tone going a little darker and there's flickers of Radiohead's slower more straightforward moments. This is a decent opening gambit from Garcia, without really setting the heather on fire. It's not revolutionary but it's still worth a listen. With a bit more time and production this has the potential to get really quite good. Watch this space. 6.5/10 As a bit of a preview of the EP here's a couple of clips of the tracks from CD Baby. 'Colleagues':

'Before The Winter':