Release date: Out Now! Website: MySpace Normally the term mish-mash might turn off a listener. In the case of Hair Traffic Control, it’s a compliment for their wholly unique blend of math, ska, glam, and pub rock. Their four song demonstration packs quite an impressive punch in its scarce 17’21” running time. It’s enough to make them a worthy note for this first quarter of the year. At the quietest times on this collection of Untitled Demonstration Materials the power of their cloyingly simple interplay shines and often outshines the singing without making it insignificant. The entirety of their 6/8 ballad ‘Underwater’ showcases silent power and gentle beauty with the comfortingly off key vocals and harmonies from lo-fi favourites mixed with tight playing and epic breakdowns like classic prog. Conversely ‘Could You Face’ takes a vaguely ska trumpet and mixes it with Costello tinged style verses and a grab bag of other nods to make an interesting and lasting listen. In total, each tune offers up great showcases of this band’s talent and ear and enforces their talent. I believe that the band has put their entire discography up for free download on their website. It’s quite a nice gesture, and I heavily suggest downloading it all – it’s all good. Keep an eye and an ear out and open for more Hair Traffic Control in the future. Rating: 7/10