Label: Hammock Music Release date: 19/07/10 Link: Official Website Buy: Amazon There is something in the water in the south of the USA. Explosions in the Sky, Stars of The Lid and Hammock are all musicians from below the Mason-Dixon line that make meticulously-weaved, atmospheric music, which can transport you to other worlds. Small set pieces that drone, reverberate and from time to time, have voices singing in gorgeous tones, is what Chasing After Shadows... Living With the Ghosts is in a nutshell. Less ethereal than the previous album Maybe They Will Sing For Us (which was recorded live), polishing some rough edges on that previous gem of an effort. As intangible as this sort of music is (don't really believe in labelling it post rock, though), there is some semblance of structure and yes, even a pattern to it. It might sound like ambient music to put on while you're typing away or just to keep the room alive with sound, but if you take your time with it you'll get sucked in. Maybe listen to it while taking a walk during a drizzly day, while embracing a person you care about or while you're in your bed. That's how this music will be appreciated, by giving it your full attention. If you can't spare the time, give ''The Whole Catastrophe' (a measly 3:52) a listen. That'll hook you in. Then hold someone for the 8:48 minutes of 'In the nothing of the night'. Chasing After Shadows... Living With the Ghosts is arguably (and I can't stress this any more) more digestible than any of their previous efforts, but still maintains a dreamlike atmosphere that's lush and bright enough to stay with you. If you are already a fan, I'm just preaching to the converted. If you're doubtful, give this a spin. Photobucket