Label: Static Caravan Release Date: 22/11/10 Official Website: MySpace If you are a fan of far-out pop, the musical 'genre' "twee" will not be unfamiliar to you. Encompassing bands such as Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura, the style's simple melodies and gentle vocals often hide much more complex nuances, especially in Belle and Sebastian-esque wry lyrics. To me, Hannah Peel's single 'You Call This Your Home' reminds of that style; it is described on her MySpace as 'wonky folk pop', but that and 'twee' are pretty much the same thing. 'You Call This Your Home' is launched into with an orchestrated intro, six seconds of start-of-a-Bond-theme excitement which vanishes into the quiet voice and brittle synth of the first verse. Her voice is a little disappointing after the build-up, but quite deliberately mellow, like that of Theoretical Girl, making a feature of what could be a weakness. At times, however, Peel's vocals become so breathily soft that the words are lost in the backing, and I could only catch odd phrases which didn't really stand-alone. There are deceptively many layers to the song, despite initial impressions of simplicity. Strings and guitars, a bass and various pieces of percussion support the melodies without getting in the way of them, or offering anything distracting. The chorus, a repetition of "you call this your home", is caring and melodic, the voice thankfully supported by backing vocals. It's pretty, but after those first six seconds, the song never really goes anywhere, and fades out in quite a dull fashion. Hannah Peel could have revisited the big band feel of the first few moments more, but she chooses not to. I prefer track two, 'Song for the Sea'. There is piano-led backing under poetic lyrics about leaving a man 'for the sea', a theme not unexplored, but quite a good story. The track progresses nicely, has pretty harmonies and features a lovely call and response instrumental part leading into a chorus which is more dynamic than the rest of this single. It is the better of the two songs, but rather easy listening as well, and not particularly memorable. If you're in the mood for some pleasantly peaceful pop this winter, having a listen to 'Song of the Sea' might float your boat. Photobucket