Venue: Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London Support Bands: Hanne Hukkelberg Date: 12/05/09 Norwegian sugar-voiced popster Hanne Hukkelberg played her only UK date at London’s Bush Hall as part of her extensive European tour, in support of her recent album launch. Blood From A Stone was released at the end of April. She was supported by keyboard and percussion virtuoso Dan Smith, a kind-of Frankmusik, including the beatboxing, before arriving on-state at 9.45pm. Seated on the grubby carpet, some curled up to their other halves, the crowd were clearly anticipant of the show to come. It’s worth mentioning that Hukkelberg’s latest recordings have been of a much more experimental nature than her previous work. The first track of the night was the first song from the recent album, Midnight Sun Dream, a perfect opener, before following with the album title track, then Seventeen and Bandy Riddles. The band manages to faultlessly replicate the unusual sounds from Blood From A Stone. Hukkelberg is a creative genius and takes keen interest in adding the guitar and keyboard to the dizzying heights of her vocal repertoire (reminiscent of Nina Persson) as part of the show tonight. Her eccentric album being testament to this, it includes the sounds of train tracks, kitchen utensils, flagpoles, seagulls and clogs amongst many other day-to-day items. She’s very polite and modest (and completely gorgeous), thanking the still-seated crowd after every song, and pointing to her band in response to any applause as if to say ‘don’t clap me, clap them!’. Hanne seems as if butter wouldn’t melt, but manages to belt out some serious sound as she replicates mysterious and evocative echoes through the intimate Bush Hall. The crowd clearly adore her, rising finally for claps, shouts and begs of an encore as the band exit the stage after their extensive set. An encore came in the form of Ticking Bomb with its driving hooks and haunting vocals, and the atmospheric In Here/Out There, before the band come to the front of the stage for a punch-and-judy bow before departing. A sexy ethereal disco for the senses, and certainly a must for any self-respecting Bat For Lashes fan, Hanne Hukkelberg is one to watch out for. However, she’s much more suited for a larger venue where the crowd don’t kneel on the carpet waiting for storytime. MP3: Hanne Hukkelberg - Blood From A Stone