Happy Victims Text & Photographs by Kyoichi Tsuzuki Words by: Danielle Marsland Japanese photographer Kyoichi Tsuzuki likes to explore the compulsive aspects of human existence. His last project, ‘Tokyo: A Certain Style’ was a photographic study of 100 Japanese apartments, the last stop for the massive personal collections of objects, gadgets and clothes for Japanese designers and collectors living to the material maximum in Japan. This time round, Tsuzuki travels into the heart of residential, cosmopolitan Japan, and asks its fashion-conscious inhabitants to turn out their wardrobes, one designer at a time. In doing so, Tsuzuki’s subjects – some of who have been manically and exclusively hording the designs of a particular designer since their youth – are revealed, in all their obsessive, yet brilliant, shiny, glory. Short, whimsical commentaries accompany each portrait of the subject and their wardrobe, commentaries that trace back to the first moments these collections started, how they are maintained, and why they’ve decided to dedicate their lives to collecting the designer in question. Tsuzuki’s artistic direction positions the subjects sitting, or interacting, with the contents of cupboards, which are deliberately strewn across beds, chairs, and floors in their apartments – sometimes filling the whole of these notoriously small spaces, and making their collections somewhat more daunting. The photographs are rich with colour and contrast; the characters and fashion items, even more so. It becomes hard to tell where the humans stop, and the possessions begin, so uniquely entwined are the two in Tsuzuki’s awesome representations.