“Burning Birthdays is full of classic-yet-creepy pop songs stuffed with some of the most diabolical, yet touchingly hopeful, lyrics to date.” –Kip Kouri Sadly, I don’t have their February 2007 EP “Burning Birthdays,” but listening to them on myspace easily does the trick. I’ve been playing their 2003 demo ‘19’ for over a thousand trillion times now and clearly I’m hooked on this Brooklyn band! Why? Simply because of their playful melodies, sugar-coated cheeky lyrics, and because they've got a bit of that 50s golden age rock goin on. So, "19" is by far my favourite track of theirs simply beacuse it magically personifies the indie-zouk vintageness of Harlem Shakes' catchiness and intelligence in their guitar riffs and head-bobbing drum beats. You can listen to this single over and over and perhaps may never grow tired of it… ! Anyways, so my question is when are these Brooklyn boys coming out of their hiatus?? More than a few times they’ve crawled out of their hermit shell hideouts to tour/perform a couple of shows in the States. To name a few, with Deerhoof, Vampire Weekend, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Ra Ra Riot, Islands, The Fiery Furnaces …and so forth. But during their hiatus for just under a year now they’ve been creatively shakin up their debut album since the beginning of 2008! So I’ve read, we can expect an early-2009 release date, yes! And when exactly? It’s all in a matter of time and patience. i can never get enough of photography so for kicks, check out their myspace by clicking on this retro accordion being displayed on the sidewalks of new york. !