Label: Relish Recordings Release date: 24/11/09 Website: Has the idea of Tom Waits seemed too harsh or bizarre for you? If so, then maybe you need some more Dieter Meier and Headman in your life. Their collaborative new single, ‘Gimme,’ is based on Meier’s Waits-lite growl, hollow reverbations from a drum machine, and a basic Eurodance SH-101 bass line that recalls the worst of a ‘Sexy Boy’ remix. Between the annoying grunts of “Yeuuuuy,” and the overused (and over echoed) “Oooooh,” samples from Meier, the lyrics are muddled into oblivion, fighting for space with the synthesizers. Only when the music drops do you understand just how boring and banal the words are. While the song itself is a mere 4’20” (a coincidence? This song would be better stoned), the copious remixes usually sit at around 6’30”, except for two intolerable Lindstrom wannabe mixes by Kango, which weigh in at 13 unbearable minutes. Of all these alternate mixes, only the Surreal Stroll actually turns the song into something you want to listen to regularly, with buoyant synths and live percussion in the vein of LCD Soundsystem. Then again, when you release a single that exceeds an hour’s length, the final product may not be wanted. After eight remixes and an even 63’00” of Headman, the conclusion is definitive: Headman may want to plead for something to “gimme more time,” but each second you give will never be seen again or reciprocated. Rating: 4/10