Label: City Slang Release date: 14/09/09 Website: Buy: Amazon Since coming to mainstream attention in 2007 with the Crystal Castles remix of Crimewave HEALTH have built on their reputation as purveyors of noise-rock soundscapes which are brutal and haunting at the same time. They released a remix album of tracks from their debut and set out to travel/conquer the world with their live shows. They are now back with a new album called Get Color. HEALTH gets straight down to business with opener In Heat which shows that the two years since their debut album haven't done anything to blunt their temperament. Their trademark sound of brutal, but regimented drumming coupled with guitars that sound like barbed wire, or broken glass is upfront and centre. That's not to say that HEALTH aren't trying anything new though. On the contrary, three standout tracks take the template from their debut album and play with it in new and interesting ways. Die Slow with its pulsing electronic beat, sure to become a dance-floor favourite in indie clubs very soon. Death +’s repetitive electronic burst and martial drum beat are snaked around by bursts of guitar. We Are Water is my favourite track on the album. It’s twitching; guitar riff is matched by a heavy disco drum beat which pushes the song forward. I think it would be fair to say that this new direction is influenced, partly, by the remix album that they released last year. That proved that these bursts of noise, fire, and fury could be forged into songs that would have people up out of their seats and dancing the rubber off the soles of their shoes. For me it’s drummer BJ who is the lynchpin of the group. He is the eye of the storm which lashes the songs to a beat, allowing them to be experimental without them ever spilling over into being just sheer noise. The ethereal vocals of Jake Duzsik are also a key part to any HEALTH song. Their soothing androgynous sound is a calming balm to the roiling sea of the music pulsing beneath it. When I first listened to the album I was a little disappointed. I felt that it wasn’t enough of a step on from their debut. However I have now listened to the album at least two dozen times and I find something fresh and new on every listen. HEALTH have been touring the country recently and seeing them play these live is really how you should experience them. The ferociousness, brutality, and beauty of the songs are their for all to see, but they do a decent job of capturing that on this album. They aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, or even really trying to reinvent themselves, they’re just doing what comes naturally, and no-one can hold that against them.