Sometimes I really like having twitter, this was one of those moments when I noticed “press spaces left for Health tonight at The Arches” Yes, Please!. Glasgow’s own Mr Peppermint kicked off the evening with a fine display of anthemic anti-pop. This is a band I had not heard of at all and made an instant impression on me with the singers/guitarists mask which made singer Jack Mellin look somewhat like a pterodactyl crossed with a transformer which had a succession of wires coming out which had a vocal mike built inside it supported and/or lead by fellow mask wearer(though looked more like a ninja) and merciless drummer Jonathan Rankin. Mr Peppermint had a plethora of diverse sounds going though out their their energetic set, clearly going on the idea why stick to something when they could do it all mixing their core sound of noise and bringing in big nightmarish soundscapes, big math rock riffs, tastes of hardcore energy, all out rock and whatever they fancied at the time using huge dynamics and an explosive live performance. This band control their chaos and also have some great all be it warped vocal melodies I suggest you go see this band as soon as possible, you can also download their album Loose Lips for free from Winning Sperm Party. Prayer Rug were next up. Still in awe of Mr Peppermints set Prayer Rugs lack of energy made it hard to get into. Their psychedelic and progressive sounds just felt like a let down, despite having some great songs which I have enjoyed listening to since the gig. Any other night I feel I would of greatly enjoyed this bands almost middle eastern garage undertones but it just didn't work for me tonight. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket It was finally time for Health. After seeing them a few years ago and not knowing who they were they'd left a mark and I couldn't wait to see what time had done to them. If the start of your set is a statement of intent how does a 40 minute medley of live looped, groove filled, noise polluted, stage attacking, ear bashing, duelling drumming, pedal abuse sound? Sounded damn good to me. This band are animals on stage, using the space to its full potential, hitting every note like it could be their last this all backed about The Arches sound and lights made for a great show as the room was washed with colours. Health are truly a force to be reckoned with live, and though they opted to take a more alt electronic route in the studio live this band show they could be a great rock band, they could be a great electro band, they could be a great noise act, they could be a great post rock or progressive act, this band could be anything and chose to be everything and frankly its outstanding! After abusing the stage for an hour or so they finally finished up their set to a rapturous applause and with that I am as spent as they are. It can be a bit clichéd to say “if you go see one band this year go see Health” but if you really should.