The problem with bands making a complete racket is that all rackets tend to be completely indistinguishable from each other. This is the main issue with Heartless' début album. It's all so very loud, intense and shouty, that it all ends up sounding a bit the same. There's no room for a tune here and the vocals are inaudible, so all we get is distortion drums and screaming. For slightly less than half an hour.

Partially, this isn't a problem. The strength of this album naturally comes from it's energy and intensity. There are buckets of this here, but it's all the album has to offer. Each song is identical in tone and the casual listener would have a difficult time telling them apart. It's mercifully short, which prevents boredom from setting in, but despite all the pent up anger being channelled into raw noise, there is little to maintain interest.

This isn't a problem with the hardcore genre as a whole, but rather that Heartless completely lack creativity. Plenty of bands have managed to take raw anger and distorted guitars and do something interesting with them. Heartless are incapable of this. They fail to deviate even remotely from a cookie cutter genre template. Best given a miss unless you really like this sort of thing.