Label: N/A Release date: 20/11/10 Website: Myspace Composer, Heinali, and lyricist, Matt Finney, have had a great spree so far as a duo. They impressed us with Lemonade EP, they were successful in an important competition, and now they've given us this brand spanking new record, Conjoined. As ever, their music has the atmospheric feel of a darkly epic soundtrack, inspiring several sequences in one's mind. A great catalyst for a dreamer. For me, it's also how I imagine an artist can create a landscape through sound. It's something about the several layers of electronics and distortion. It creates such a feeling of grand space, something to accompany a view that fits in colossal objects. Some sway, some stand stiff, all the while a story of your mind's area is told by the dominant whispering vocals. Sometimes there's an eventful story told in a mix of shoegaze and grunge noises that could last for days on end, found in 'Under God's Heaven', and at others there is a mere disturbance, reminiscent of swirling winds, or perhaps the sound that people hear when they attempt to sleep out in the open, and aren't subjected to the man-made noises of traffic and human activity buzzing away in far corners, in 'Lifetime'. This particular track is a fascinating one for beginning with the faint, back-of-the-mind noise and suddenly hitting the tough barrier of unstoppable sound, enough to knock someone over. This record comes to a beautiful finish. Heinali's 'The Sun Will Rise Yet We Won't Be Here'. With such a title, it alters the view on the instrumentation and inspires a thought towards the future. Heinali and Matt Finney have been making music for deep listening with great effect and Conjoined is yet another journey that they can deliver with impact to the listener. Photobucket