Website: Buy: Amazon Awe Owe by Helda Negro is what can be described as a polite album. It will get on with most people, older people will see it is a lovely boy, and has very good manners, and good manners are so rare these days. Polite means you can get inside a house, it does not mean that you will make an impression, or be noticed when you leave. It is the Latin equivalent of some long lost 60’s folkish gem, only it is a new album. Lightly strummed acoustic guitars, melodic, whimsical vocals, enough instrumentation to engage the listener, Latin rhythms, bossa nova overtones, good playing, high quality recordings and performances are all present and correct. Character, anything to make it saleable to people with an interest in music, sorry, no. The 11 tracks all seem to blend into each other, there are a couple of instrumentals, but nothing you can hum afterwards, nothing much that will rise the temperature, or cause feet to start tapping. After three of four listens, you are left with the feeling that you have met someone with good manners, and who is polite, but you cannot remember whether or not they have already left. Rating: 5/10