According to the US magazine Forbes, 2009's most visited tourist destination in the USA was Times Square in New York. New York City is truly a magnet for millions, yet its population stands at just over a fifth of the number of visitors that pass through its glamorous streets every year. New York doesn't just lure people in with its glow, though. Its cultural output each year is enormous. The city seems to have been a massive centre for rock and punk music since Andy Warhol's days, and hugely influential bands such as Blondie, Sonic Youth and more recently The Strokes have all emerged from its pulsing heart.

Hesta Prynn's contemporaries in New York include LCD Soundsystem and MGMT, and these names definitely help to describe Prynn's music: new single Turn It Gold is electronic indie, sung with Ting Tings or Blondie style emotionless rigidity. Following the modern template of synths and hissing precision drums under clean guitar and bass parts, 'Turn It Gold' is a slightly soulless tune for the indie dancefloor. "Dance until we sweat", she sings, perhaps not quite the epitome of idealistic night-out evocations. The lyrics needn't be brilliant, however, because the track fulfils its purpose as a dance track, and weighty lyrics would take away from the upbeat mood that she's going for.

I can't say that I reckon Hesta Prynn will one day be one of the central figures in the New York City music scene, but her angular pop will certainly entertain dance-floor regulars while it's around. If you enjoy Hot Chip or MGMT, it's worth a listen. The Bright Light Bright Light remix that is 'Turn It Gold''s B-side is arguably the more compelling track, lighter and more richly textured than the original. It's maybe better to listen to the title track of Hesta Prynn's 2010 album, Can We Go Wrong.