Label: Thrill Jockey Release date: 26/04/10 Link: Myspace When a bands sound is described as “experimental” (according to everyone’s favourite lazy research tool, Wikipedia), it generally means one of two things. Either the artist involved has pushed back the boundaries of music to create something new and genuinely exciting, or they’ve created a right old mess, with “experimental” being used to justify its existence. The glowing Wiki write-up suggested the former and peaked my interest, promising me a sound created using household objects as well as traditional instruments. What I ended up with fell under neither category: it was merely quite pleasant. There is nothing inherently wrong with the two tracks featured here. ‘Can’t Feel Nothing’ has a dreamy sound which is helped by the fact that singer Mary Pearson has a fragile voice which complements the gentle beats. ‘I Was Born’ is of a similar vein, with Pearson’s voice again blending nicely with soft synths and measured beats. The only problem is there is nothing really memorable about either song. I’ve listened to both tracks repeatedly, but can’t remember anything about them within moments of the songs finishing. The remixes are actually more interesting, both possessing a little bit of spark that improves both songs substantially. It just feels a shame that for all of their invention (‘I Was Born”’ apparently features a bassoon which is, if nothing else, a bit different), High Places are merely inoffensive. Photobucket