Label: Big Scary Monsters Release date: 23/08/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon For those who haven't heard of them Hold Your Horse Is are a trio from the South-East of England who are about to release their Rammin' It Home EP through Big Scary Monsters supported by a 30+ date UK tour and is the EP any good? Does it inspire me to leave the house and see them live? In short, Yes. If the first track on an EP is meant to be a statement of intent for the rest then 'You Show Up' is one hell of a statement of intent. Within a few bars of this track they switch from a handshake to a slap in the face and embraces their aggressive use of dynamics, chunky riffs and rhythmic diversity. You can hear the emotion pouring from the honest heartfelt vocals and the sweat pouring off the machine like drummer, who really sets the mood of the EP. This track not only has some great balls to the wall punk rock moments but also is damn catchy to boot with a chorus that'll cement itself in your head for some time. Another stand out track on this EP has to be 'Non-Stop Physical Training' which is a great catchy song wrapped in some fine riffery mixed with angular stabs and once again their grasp of structure and dynamics really makes the track what it is. One of the great things about this song is the great sing and/or scream along chorus “start with the least, leave with the most” which is begging to be shouted out by a few hundred people in sweaty basements across the UK. This song has some intricate fragile moments which means when they let loose they knock you back a little more. Throughout the EP I think its the bands great use of progression between different movements within the tracks blending between bashing out chords, vicious stabs and soft arpeggios. All of the above really keeps the EP interesting to listen to despite most tracks sitting around the 5 minute mark you can still be surprised when tracks eventually come to a close. Another thing about this EP is the energy that runs through it, it can be very easy to go into a studio and sound like you're in a studio, where as this record has the studio quality but still clutches on to and physically embraces their punk rock energy. At the end of the day this is a great EP with a lot of different stuff going through it from full on punk rock moments to big tasty math rock riffery along with their use of dynamics from subtle crescendos, sudden drops and explosions of sound. All this tied in with some great catchy melodies and sing along choruses makes this for me a great record. For those on the fence about buying this EP their track 'You Show Up' is available as a free download to ease you in to them. But for those of you like punk rock with big riffs and big dynamics and have the money to burn this could be a must have. Photobucket