Label: Big Scary Monsters Release Date: 12/07/10 Link: Myspace *WARNING THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN HORSE PUNS* Hold Your Horse Is latest single ‘You Show Up’ from upcoming EP Rammin’ It Home is a rampant, unrelenting attack of pure audible joy. Once again providing their fans with another dose of audio ketamine the Brighton 3 piece have really hit the mark with one hell of a record. ‘You Show Up’s dynamic pounding drums and jaunty guitar seamlessly switch between melting into a false sense of relaxation and striking back full force, throttling your attention gland in the process. Lead vocalist Robin Pearson perfectly complements this bi polar style with effortless passionate bursts and a voice that was built for pounding base laden rock. The mane attraction however is how tight everything is both instrumentally and vocally showing HYHI don’t foal around when it comes to making decent music. There’s no annoying gimmick or attention seeking aspect to distract you from some lack of substance. This is music for the sake of music, never backing down and never allowing you to switch off without pulling you back into the mix. Having already managed to stirrup well deserved interest from both BBC Introducing and Steve Lamacq on Radio One HYHI look set to gallop their way to success. Hoof knows what the future holds but if Rammin’ It Home is full of tracks half as good as this we’re in for a treat come August 23rd. Photobucket