It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Holy Fuck's first album came out. When the Toronto four-piece initially arrived on the scene (twin drummers in tow) back in 2006, their unyielding brand of pulverizing dance-rock had quickly marked them out as one of North America's most fearsome live propositions. Here was a band that adhered to a dogma of no rehearsals, no recognised instruments and no fucks given - at one point even offering up Latin, their last album six years ago, via the online tundra of perversion that is ChatRoulette. Still, if Holy Fuck's sense of playfulness remained undeterred, their music had grown up, with Latin showcasing a much leaner and restrained twist on the hitherto balls-out MO.

Any fears that may have lingered in the interim about Holy Fuck's capacity to kick it with the 2016 breed of indie-rock heavyweights (HEALTH, Girl Band etc.) are quickly vanquished within about 30 seconds of comeback album Congrats opener 'Chimes Broken'; a jaw-shaking, tribal-industrial banger that sounds like it was specifically written to soundtrack the apocalypse. From there, Congrats advances like some kind of Kaiju scorching all in its path ('House of Glass'), and only occasionally letting up for the briefest moments of respite ('Shimmering', 'Neon Dad').

Yet for all its overwhelming menace, Congrats is a record that never gets fully lost within the darkness; the band demonstrating a perspicacity to chain one another up when in the past they would have ran feral. Holy Fuck have reached the point of maturity that their natural talent always deserved: Let's just hope we don't need to wait another six years to let them loose again.