Label: DFA Release date: 26/07/10 Official Site Buy: Amazon According to duo Holy Ghost!, their latest EP’s title track took three years to make. Of course, Static On The Wire would be an almost cathartic release after so much time in limbo, yet the song itself is a maudlin affair and sadly indicative of this release’s spotty performance. Even a slew of guests and groove cannot save or spare Holy Ghost!’s latest effort. From the solid drumming of Jerry Fuchs to the chorus referencing solo by Juan MacLean, the titular song seems to be a DFA-studded affair. It isn’t enough to save the track from wallowing in its willful anachronisms, all ‘70s glitz/disco and gauzy synths. It’s got a damn good chorus, but at six and a half minutes, there isn’t enough to keep it interesting (and this is coming from a huge fan of LCD Soundsystem, masters of repetition). Sure the track is fun enough and sports the kind of atmosphere that shows a true refinement of the sound of this song, but everything drags on, failing to propel itself forward. Excessive track lengths and lack of movement are a theme here, each song weighing in at an average of six minutes. Yes the Breakwater rip-off lead of ‘I Know, I Hear’ is irksome, as is the Talk Talk meets Daft Punk meets LCD bass skronk of ‘I Will Come Back.’ It’s not that these songs feel forced, an issue that plagues closer ‘I Know, I Hear,’ or that these are disappointing by Holy Ghost! and DFA standards, it’s that these are all just too indebted to things that have already been done and heard. There’s a surprising lack of originality and freshness in these songs, save for fleeting moments of each track. Nothing here is so bad that I want to turn off the music; it’s just that everything ends up becoming dull by the halfway mark. I may take it upon myself to make “radio edits” of these songs and clip out two minutes from each song, just to make this EP more digestible. I see how these work in a dance setting, so I imagine thinking of these as extended club mixes makes them more tolerable. Sadly, it’s still not enough to make this anything better than just OK or tolerable. Photobucket