Label: Unsigned Website: I’m still trying to get used to this happy-go-lucky good times electro mess. The digital distortion of samples is inescapable and worryingly contagious, dressed in blasé day glo attire and gormless ecstatic smiles. The colourful bleeps found in almost every song getting released right now kindly corrupts me with nightmarish flashbacks to my childhood, back when I would sit cross-legged on the carpet in front of the TV diligently watching Fraggle Rock. After every song I just see puppets with bad haircuts. You could describe the Honey Claws sound on Healer as a stomach curdling cocktail of the heroin ramblings that came from the swelled mouth of Anthony Kiedis on One Hot Minute, the finer points of Iglu and Hartly, Bristolian shizzle from the nineties and Animal Collective. An art school colliding with a frat house.   Ok. Wait a second. This is actually going to be a positive review so stay with me on this. Honey Claws are three solid producers plus hyperactive Vocalist/Master of Ceremonies Jon Von Letscher, flame grilled on the musical hotbed of Austin, Texas. One visit to their official website will tell you that they stand in the same Crayola Starburst vomit puddle I usually find most revolting.  But somehow despite my prejudices this four track EP wins me over. ‘Lightning Killeye’ bounds along, with an appealing, jovial techno thump. It’s a positive party record, wavy and bodacious. ‘Pemporer’ is loaded with herky jerky darkness, it’s a bit more spaced out and hypnotic, and there appears to be a slight Kingston sway to the track. ‘Beat of the Wet Eve’ will test the tolerance levels as we are exposed to the take it or leave it audio radiation of Von Letscher’s vocal delivery. The music itself left me thinking of M.I.A., with the hodgepodge mix of strange beats that cross a variety of genre borders. Final burst ‘Orange Kitty Stamp’ is a pure dose of sleaze bucket electronica, with added nonsensical sinisterly spoken lyrics. I imagine this is what paying for a prostitute in a Welsh provincial town is like; as you loiter in the twilight dinge of some grotty alleyway whilst a bullish lady of the night caresses your blushing red cheeks with her giant hairy hands. Sorry if have I aroused you. Healer is a irreverent slice of the zeitgeist that indicates there is plenty to look forward to when the new Honey Claws album comes along. Rating: 8/10